Are you looking for the hottest design trends and homes going into 2019? Well, you’re in luck—today, Pramiti Bhargava from Bluegrape Staging is here to provide you with the latest details you need to know.


Today we are honored and fortunate to have one of our wonderful staging and design partners with us: Pramiti Bhargava, owner and co-founder of Bluegrape Staging, a company that focuses on the business of real estate staging. Pramiti is here to tell us about the hottest design trends to expect for 2019:

1. Bolder options in tile and kitchen designs. So far, monochromatic tiles in colors like white have been popular, but Pramiti believes that in 2019, we’ll see bolder choices in terms of graphics. In regards to kitchen styles, we have also been accustomed to monochromatic choices, like all-white and all-gray palettes. 2019 will show us more two-toned drama, such as with lighter countertops and darker cabinetry.

2. Organic and recycled materials. Pramiti has noticed that jute, a type of recyclable material like cotton, is being used not just in terms of furniture and accessories, but also in wallpaper, rugs, and other home elements. Glass is another material to watch out for; she’s even seen people using recycled glass for countertops. The innovated and reinvented use of sustainable materials will be very en vogue in the coming year.

3. Gold and metallic finishes for handles, knobs, and faucets. These have been popular this year, and will remain so, with a few additions. As well as metallic gold finishes, we’ll see copper, brass, and bronze. We’ll see gold and matte gold accents, as well. This will carry over into wallpaper, accents, accessories, artwork, and more.

“The innovated and reinvented use of sustainable materials will be very en vogue in the coming year.”

4. Wallpaper will make a comeback. This might scare some people who imagine wallpaper going up all through the house, but that’s not how it’s going to be; we’ll see wallpaper on accent walls in hallways, bathrooms, and so on.

5. Globally inspired patterns and colors will be huge. Patterns derived from international cultures, such as those globally inspired from Morocco and Turkey, will likely surge in popularity come 2019. There is so much color and vibrance to take advantage of; colors like navy, bronze, mustard, and terra cotta will probably make their way to accent walls, wallpaper, and other decorative elements.

If you’re looking to make a change or adjust the aesthetic of your own home based on the hottest trends in the market, contact Pramiti Bhargava at (858) 652-3007, email, or visit their website. They work with both home sellers in the market and with new construction homes, striving to bring homes to life, so that when buyers walk into a home, they’ll form an emotional connection with the property.

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