Can you convert a covered patio into additional living space? Today we’ll be discussing this topic with a local expert.


Do you have a patio or outdoor area that you want to convert into an additional living space? If so, we’ve got a few tips and tricks for how you can do so.

Joining us to help cover this topic is Ian Scattergood of Permit Pro Consultants.

So how can someone go about adding additional space to their home with an enclosed patio? According to Ian, the first thing to consider is whether the space meets the floor area ratio (or FAR) and the lot coverage. Once this is confirmed, plans can be drawn, the permit can be issued, and the homeowner can proceed with converting the space into additional square footage or a second rentable unit.

It’s important to realize, though, that the process varies when it comes to older structures. What then must be done to ensure older structures can qualify as additional living space?

“Qualifying older structures as additional living space mostly comes down to meeting specific city or county zone ordinances.”

Ian says it mostly comes down to meeting specific city or county zone ordinances. If everything checks out under those ordinances, then the same process as before can be carried out to qualify the space.

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