It seems that home sellers keep making the same mistakes over and over in San Diego. We want you to be aware of these common mistakes so you avoid making them when it comes time to sell your home. Here are three big home selling mistakes to avoid:

1. Incorrect pricing. Price is very important in San Diego, and we notice that when consumers see a home priced accurately, they will not only pay more, but they will take action quicker. We want to sell your home for top dollar in the shortest amount of time, so we always recommend pricing at the market value for the best results.

2. Making your home hard to show. Some buyers may just be in town for a weekend or a few days and only have a limited time frame for when they can look at homes. We try to give our sellers as much advance notice as possible, but it’s also important that sellers be as flexible as they can while their home is on the market. A buyer might only have one opportunity to buy your home, so don’t send them away.

3. Lack of marketing exposure. Sometimes sellers want to just test the market or be a “secret seller.” However, if you’re actively trying to sell your home, you need exposure. You have to get your home out there online, get it seen, and continue to promote it to buyers in the area.

“Being a ‘secret seller’ won’t do you any good.”

If you have any questions for us or need some more advice for getting your home sold, give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.