To make your home sell quickly and for top dollar once it hits the market, you need to focus on preparation, price, and the pro you use.


What’s the key to winning when it comes time to sell? In other words, how can you sell for the most money in the shortest amount of time?

It all boils down to three factors: preparation, price, and the pro who helps you win.  

1. Preparation. Oftentimes, we’ll see beautiful homes on the market that, regardless, fail to really capture buyers’ interest because their sellers didn’t spend any money on them. What can you do to prepare your home so this doesn’t happen to you? 

First, make sure it gives a great first impression. Curb appeal goes a long way in this regard, and that appeal has to stretch from the curb all the way to the front door, so freshen up your front yard’s landscaping and make your front door look like something someone wants to come home to. 

On the inside, consider adding a fresh coat of paint—it’s a very minimal expense that can yield thousands of dollars on your return, and you don’t necessarily have to paint the entire interior. Also, make sure your faucets and sinks are clean, and if they need to be replaced, replace them. Low-cost items like these can also yield a large return when it comes time to sell. 

Next, look at your electrical fixtures. Installing just a few ceiling-mounted lights can dramatically change the look and feel of your home.

“Having a professional real estate agent help you navigate the steps of the home selling process is incredibly important.”

2. Price. Nowadays, this matters more than anything in terms of getting your home sold. The only homes that are getting multiple offers these days are those that are brand new, extremely renovated, or heavily discounted because there’s something wrong with them. Therefore, if you list your home at a higher price than what it’s really worth, it will likely sell for less than its actual market value. 

If you list it at market value, on the other hand, you’ll have a much better chance at selling over list price and in a shorter amount of time. 

3. The pro you use. There’s so much competition in the market right now, and having a professional real estate agent help you navigate the steps of the home selling process is incredibly important. Make sure you ask your agent the tough questions and inquire what their plan is to get your home sold. They should have a sensible plan with the proper marketing that will draw dramatic attention to your listing. 

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