Which four color palettes are about to dominate design trends in the new year? Find out in today’s message.


Design expert Pramiti Bhargava of BlueGrape Staging has joined us again today to discuss what color trends we can expect in the new year.

There are four main palettes Pramiti predicts will take the place of the greys and whites that dominated designs in 2018.

First off, earthy tones are about to have a major moment, with warm colors like terra cotta likely to appear more frequently as design accents in the coming months.

Metallics, too, are going to be big and will likely often be paired with black. This trend will most likely appear in kitchens and bathrooms, where bronze, gold, and chrome hardware is becoming more common once more.

The third upcoming trend Pramiti mentioned is one of her personal favorites: the increasing use of the color green. From mint to emerald, every shade of this color is being more frequently incorporated into home design as of late.

“It will be interesting to see how these trends emerge throughout 2019.”

Last, but not least, Pramiti and I touched on one of my own go-to colors: navy blue. Though this particular shade is not new to popular design, it has shown to be a long-standing classic. “It is almost like a neutral,” says Pramiti, citing the color’s calming effect.

Ultimately, there are a lot of exciting trends on the horizon. It will be interesting to see how these trends emerge throughout 2019.

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