There are three primary kinds of issues covered in the home inspection process. Let’s review what they are.


Home inspections are an essential step in the real estate process. Assuming no major issues are uncovered, they can provide buyers with peace of mind before closing. But buyers who are about to go through this process are often curious about what to expect.

In general terms, there are three primary kinds of issues home inspections are meant to identify, and we’ll be reviewing each of them today.

1. Safety. Some of the most important issues an inspection may uncover are those that could pose a real danger to people occupying the home. Problems with the home’s electrical or plumbing systems and broken door locks are just two examples of such issues. Anything that renders a property unsafe must be identified and resolved.

2. Structural. All of the structural components of a home, such as its foundation and roof, should be in good, sound condition.

3. Mechanical. Air conditioning units, water heaters, and other mechanical components of the home should be in good working order before you move in. Preemptively assessing these units during an inspection will help save you from needing to fix them after closing.

“Anything that renders a property unsafe must be identified and resolved.”

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