Sharing what buyers and sellers need to know about today’s market.

The housing market has experienced some big shifts over the last couple of months as home prices declined, inventory increased, and people thought the market was crashing. However, since February of this year, things have changed. Now, home prices are up and supply remains steady. What has caused this shift in our market and what does it mean for buyers and sellers? I’m here to answer those questions and more in today’s San Diego market update. 

You can listen to the full update in the video above or skip to each topic using the timestamps below:

0:00 — Introduction

0:24 — Our market is on the upswing 

1:09 — Demand is up, but buyers are pickier 

2:14 — The market usually picks back up after the Fourth of July 

2:43 — Demand is strong and consistent 

4:02 — The state of interest rates 

4:58 — The market tends to peak at the end of the summer 

5:32 — Average days on market is down 

6:58 — This isn’t like the crazy pandemic-era market 

7:58 — Pricing your home correctly 

9:07 — Wrapping up 

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