Here’s how we’re helping our clients compete in this tough market.

Are you looking to buy a home but frustrated by the intense competition in today’s market? Last year was a whirlwind, and the biggest thing on every buyer’s mind is how tough it was to compete. Everyone’s looking for that competitive edge to help them secure the home they want. Here are three tips that will help get you there:

1. Get specific. The key to finding what you want is getting specific on the house and the location that you want. We do a lot of things when it comes time to finding homes in particular locations that help our buyers win. To be on the winning side, you need a winning agent. It’s already tough enough to view homes on your own. Having an agent will make it easier. They can help you find homes that aren’t actually on the market, too. There are many opportunities out there for buyers to secure homes like these and we’ve had a lot of success matching our buyer and seller clients in the past.

“An experienced agent with many connections is an invaluable resource.”

2. Use our buyer direct program. This allows us to target our search area and call, mail, and leave doorknockers for all the area homeowners where you’re looking and retarget them on social media. This allows us to bring you a property with the least amount of competition since it’s not actually on the market. Some sellers don’t want to go through the minutiae of putting their home on the market, and this program is dedicated to helping buyers win those homes today.

3. Work with an experienced agent. They should be well-intertwined with the agent community. So much real estate business gets done through agent communication, and who you work with matters more than ever.

We want to be the agents who help you win, so if you’re looking for more tips and tricks or just have any real estate questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.